A Right to Silence, 2023. 3 CD's Box with DDK Trio [Meenna/Ftarri]

Stranger Becoming, 2022. CD with Hans Koch & Frantz Loriot [Bruit-Neither/Nor Records]

Baldrian Quartett, 2022. CD with Gaudenz Badrutt, Kai Fagaschinski & Christof Kurzmann [Bruit]

Perspectives and Echoes / Tautologos III, 2021. CD with -bRt- Group for music creation [Bruit]

Archytas Curve, 2020. EP with Hans Koch & Gaudenz Badrutt [Wide Ear Records]

Abstract Musette, 2019. LP with Joke Lanz [Corvo Records]

Cone of Confusion, 2018. CD with Jacques Demierre & Axel Dörner [Bruit]

Jonas Kocher plays Christian Kesten & Stefan Thut, 2016. CD [Bruit]

Floating piece of space, 2016. LP with Jacques Demierre & Axel Dörner [label cave12]

Quiet Novosibirsk, 2016. Book and DVD with Gaudenz Badrutt, Ilia Belorukov, Jacques Demierre, Alexander Markvart, Lucas Dubuis [Edition Haus am Gern/Bruit]

Tria atoma, 2015. CD with Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Luca Venitucci (300 basses) [Moving Furnitures Records]

Rotonda, 2015. CD with Gaudenz Badrutt & Ilia Belorukov [Intonema]

Skeleton Drafts, 2015. CD with Ilan Manouach [Bruit/Romvos]

Cinema REX, 2014. Free download with Gaudenz Badrutt [insub.]

Le Belvédère du Rayon Vert, 2013. CD with Michel Doneda [Flexion Records]

Sei Ritornelli, 2011. CD with Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Luca Venitucci (300 basses) [Potlatch]

You can find the full discography on Discog and many tracks to listen to on my Bandcamp page

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