Photographs © Dimitris Mermigas

Long silences and slowness, tiny sounds and massive sound attacks shape the soundscape and reveal the natural properties of the site. On a visual level, Kocher and Stefanou work with simple lighting technics, objects and actions that focus the attention on the architectural shapes of the site. A very focused work which questions listening and perception.

"An evening of event and non-event, the memorable and the forgettable, the explicable and the inexplicable. I experienced (saw, heard, otherwise sensed) this work with no preparation and I left it with no conclusions. Or, better, it was not prepared for me and it did not need me either to conclude or collude. Sound, light, movement, stasis were the materials worked with, and anything could have happened yet nothing felt gratuitous. Certain memories have stayed with me: emerging upside down from a cardboard box; the sudden record player; red lines of light moving freely over one another; a little nap. The work was somehow so wholly in time and space that it belongs completely to the time and space when it happened, greedily keeping its remnants to itself. Yet something from it will stay with me for a very long time. What will stay is not what it was, but rather what it did to me. Which was something mysterious and gentle, very individual and rather remarkable, and which it is still doing." Dominic Lash, musician and writer, 2014

With Dafni Stefanou (actions, sounds) Jonas Kocher (actions, sounds, concept) and Ruedy Schwyn (scenography, lights, video). Every performance is site specific. Duration: about 45'.

Performance presented in different places in Switzerland as well as at the Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art 2015.