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Improvisation Workshops

Free improvisation as it is transmitted and practised in the workshop is as open as possible. I act as a kind of facilitator, directing the group according to the information I get directly during the practice; a real process is put in place. Every sound, every noise, every action becomes significant. The notions of right and wrong traditionally associated with musical practice are naturally called into question. Anything can potentially be music, and everyone has the ability to improvise freely, with or without musical experience, using an instrument, objects, movements or voice. The aim is to develop a quality of listening to oneself, to others and to the situation on which the construction of the musical discourse will be based.

Jonas Kocher has led workshops at the Tbilisi Music Conservatory, Sound (Dis)obedience Festival Ljubljana, Musik Akademie Basel, among others.

Some feedback from participants

Thank you for your input! After working with you I stopped playing with "ideas" and it feels very
good! M.T. Musik Akademie Basel 2016

I was particularly impressed by Jonas's approach, how he took the playing upon himself, how he
presented certain ideas without imposing them on us and how he encouraged us to get in touch
with the space and with ourselves. I really liked the warm-up exercises, which helped me to relax, calm down and be aware of my own action in a given space. The concert itself, I feel, could not capture all the specifics of the workshop itself, but it was still quite relaxed and enjoyable. Perhaps we could have allowed for more daring.... anyway, I enjoyed the process itself most of all. I found Jonas to be an excellent mentor, clear in his delivery of information, but above all warm and open in his acceptance of it, which shows his musical and personal knowledge. K.T. Festival Sound (Dis)obedience Ljubljana 2022

Jonas' approach fluctuated very nicely between pointing out things to pay attention to while playing and the exact dynamics of playing together, and between learning improvisation by improvising. Imperceptibly the workshop ended and it was only with a pause that I realised we had taken the stage relaxed and free, determined to play music, which rarely happens in a workshop situation because you are too much under the impression of being a student. Jonas left the responsibility of playing to us from the beginning. Great ! T.B. Festival Sound (Dis)obedience Ljubljana 2022

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