September 24: Genève, Trio Demierre-Dörner-Kocher w/Ensemble Contrechamps
July 27: Nickelsdorf (A), Festival Konfrontationen, Premier of DOES SOUND HAVE A SHADOW? w/ Radu Malfatti, Klaus Filip & Christian Kobi
July 11: Nürnberg (D), The Art of Improvisation, w/Eiko Yamada

Working on a new piece for
Ensemble Studio6 Belgrade

"Abstract Musette", LP release on Corvo Records w/Joke Lanz in preparation

New videos online:

Demierre-Dörner-Kocher at L' Improviste, France Musique, April 8 2019

Home (Münstergasse 37), Sound performance, September 2018

Cone of Confusion has been named among the France Musique’s top CDs of 2018.
CD & digital download available here.

« Cone of Confusion is a fantastic record, filled with curves and swerves. The trio has a driving frictious nature that is fairly indelible. » TJ Norris, Toneshift (USA)

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An extended review of a concert of Demierre-Dörner-Kocher in April 2016 in Zagreb [english]